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About us

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Why are we doing this?

Because technical communication is not only our profession but also our passion. We were missing a website providing news, information about documentation tools, best practices, conferences, trainings and other events from the tech comm area. We couldn’t wait anymore, that’s why in a moment of weakness we decided to create it.

We have the following goals:

  • Providing information about the Polish and foreign tech comm scenes
  • Following current events
  • Writing about tech comm seriously and cheerfully
  • Building a Polish knowledge base about technical communication that helps novice Tech Writers start their careers and broadens the knowledge of more experienced specialists
  • Spreading awareness about the Technical Writer profession in Poland
  • Building a community and sharing experience

Who are we?

We’re a small group of people who, in a broad sense, professionally create, distribute, and manage technical documentation.

Some of us are humanists who got into the tech comm field thanks to their proficiency in foreign languages and still try to get their heads around technical nuances. Others hold degrees in engineering and love to write but they don’t necessarily know how to do it. We worked or still work in corporations, large and small companies, and as freelancers. We like this job and vice versa 🙂

Meet the current editorial staff:

kliknij, żeby przeczytać więcej o redaktorze Agnieszka Gaworska
Agnieszka Gaworska
For the past few years, she’s been gaining experience in tech comm, mainly as an editor of She graduated in English. Currently, she’s occupied with being a mother and blogger. Agnieszka is passionate about travelling, photography, and reading.
kliknij, żeby przeczytać więcej o redaktorze Andrzej Niewiarowski
Andrzej Niewiarowski
A graduate of English Philology with considerable translation achievements. For 10 years he has been a tech writer in the automotive navigation and autonomous vehicles industry. Professionally, he had a lot of contact with instructions, e-learning, and is interested in coaching. Fan of TechSmith’s Snagit app. Privately, he is interested in film, rock and metal music. He also likes reading and skiing. From the age of five, he was fascinated with dinosaurs and it stayed that way. The second group of animals that he especially admires are turtles and tortoises.
kliknij, żeby przeczytać więcej o redaktorze Darek Drezno
Darek Drezno
The originator and a co-founder of He suffers from hyperactivity – a tester, trainer, consultant, manager, mentor, entrepreneur, lecturer, board member of ITCQF… One field isn’t enough for him. That’s why in addition to technical communication, he works in quality assurance. He loves basketball. Sometimes, you can meet him on a tennis court.
kliknij, żeby przeczytać więcej o redaktorze Justyna Kula
Justyna Kula
A translator from English to Polish, Justyna specializes in legal translations. SHe recently became a tech writer and embarked on a journey into the world of IT. SHe graduated from the post-diploma course in technical communication at Vistula University. She loves detective stories, action films, amigurumi (crochet), and... writing. She plans on publishing a crime novel about real human feelings. And parachute.
kliknij, żeby przeczytać więcej o redaktorze Magda Niedźwiedzka
Magda Niedźwiedzka
Technical writer, a graduate of journalism at the University of Warsaw and technical communication at the Vistula Academy of Finance and Business. She and her friends create the girls.js community, where women can take their first steps in learning JavaScript for free. In the few free time, she learns polyphonic songs in the languages ​​of our eastern neighbours, practices yoga and cultivates plants in the community garden.
kliknij, żeby przeczytać więcej o redaktorze Martyna Toporek
Martyna Toporek
Martyna works with technical documentation every day. Complicated machines, production lines and food technology are her favourite things. In her spare time, Martyna loves traveling, riding bike, climbing, walking in the mountains, crocheting and reading books. She likes sophistication and experimentation. From time-to-time she writes articles and draws pictures.
kliknij, żeby przeczytać więcej o redaktorze Michał Skowron
Michał Skowron
His adventure with technical communication started in 2012.Together with his colleagues, he tries to grow the Polish tech comm scene. At the beginning of 2014, he joined as an editor and later he also became responsible for running the entire portal. He left the staff in June 2019.
kliknij, żeby przeczytać więcej o redaktorze Paweł Kowaluk
Paweł Kowaluk
Not an actual real person. He's been in the business of tech content since 2008. Has worked as a writer, programmer, and DITA guy. A board member at ITCQF, currently at Guidewire Software. Sometimes writes flash fiction, reads books or plays computer games. Is looking forward to the time when AI will take over so we can all take a break.
kliknij, żeby przeczytać więcej o redaktorze Radosław Kulgawczuk
Radosław Kulgawczuk
Techwriter child of surprise. He never thought about future in tech comm when he was taking up philological studies. He never ceased to think about future in tech comm when he was graduating from philological studies. He has taken only a few first steps in the documentation world. An affair with translation resulted in an interesting way of spending free time. Three years in a religious order suggest that he is a person with clearly stated believes and with a healthy dose of discipline. Sports – running, board games – cooperation, desserts – Tiramisu.
kliknij, żeby przeczytać więcej o redaktorze Tomek Prus
Tomek Prus
Graduated from Politechnika Wrocławska, technical writer at Atlassian. Got his tech writing chops and extensive experience at Nokia and Unit4. ITCQF instructor, co-founder of MeetContent Wrocław, speaker and avid goer to tech writing conferences.