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Z nieukrywaną przyjemnością publikujemy kolejny gościnny wpis od sympatyka naszego portalu.

Jack natrafił na naszą stronę szukając informacji na temat pisania. Los (albo może bardziej Google) zdecydował, że znalazł on jeden z naszych wpisów, w którym wspominaliśmy o infografice „How to write a sentence”. Infografika bardzo przypadła mu do gustu, więc postanowił do nas napisać. A że ogólnie lubi pisać, bardzo szybko dał się namówić na gościnny wpis pt. „Top 20 Free Online Grammar Check Tools [to Improve Your Writing]”.

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Jack Milgram pisze dla portalu Custom-Writing.org , który jest źródłem materiałów edukacyjnych oraz informacji na temat zdobywania wiedzy. Jednym z elementów portalu jest blog poruszający tematy takie jak uczenie się, techniki czytania i pisania oraz produktywność. Jack już na studiach rozpoczął swoją karierę jako niezależny pisarz i wciąż podąża tą samą ścieżką. W swojej pracy lubi najbardziej to, że może ją łączyć z podróżowaniem po świecie.

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Top 20 Free Online Grammar Check Tools [to Improve Your Writing]

Do you struggle when trying to find every single typo in your paper? No matter how hard you try, you do not notice your mistakes, and your essay seems perfect to you. Or maybe you are new at writing, and grammar rules aren’t your strong suit yet. Do you struggle when trying to find every single typo in your paper? No matter how hard you try, you do not notice your mistakes, and your essay seems perfect to you. Or maybe you are new at writing, and grammar rules aren’t your strong suit yet. No matter what the situation, here’s a trick: Try one of the grammar check tools that are available online, free of charge! Even if you are an experienced writer, these 20 free online grammar checkers will help you improve the quality of all your papers!

Here are the tools you can use to improve your papers

1. Grammarly

One of the best essay checkers and correctors, Grammarly will find all kinds of mistakes and typos in your paper. It will give you suggestions to improve both grammar and style, including word choice and sentence construction. It can also help you detect plagiarism in your text.

2. Grammar Check for Sentence

This free online grammar check app will easily help you improve your writing. Just type or copy your text into the empty box and click “Check.” The app will analyze your text and underline the problems it finds. What is awesome is that it will not only tell you what’s wrong (for example, an error or misspelling) but it will also provide you with suggestions on how to correct your mistakes.

3. GrammarCheck

This free online spell check tool will also assist you with your papers, be it a short essay, a long thesis, or an article to be published on the Web or in a journal. Enter your text in the special box and click “Free Check.” The app will highlight the problematic parts of your writing, tell you what is wrong, and provide advice on what to do about it.

4. NounPlus

Another instrument designed to help both struggling and experienced writers, NounPlus offers two free features: spell check and grammar check. The tool detects mistakes and misspellings, and suggests how to change your essay or paper to make it better.

5. SpellChecker.net

This tool offers you to do a free online spell check, which is useful for any writer, experienced or not. The instrument will highlight all the words that you have written incorrectly, and it will give you a list of similar words to replace the wrong word. This is very convenient for one simple reason: no one is safe from typos.

6. PaperRater

PaperRater is a free online service that can not only check your grammar and spelling but also suggest how to make your writing better. What is also helpful about this tool is it will automatically score your papers depending on how many issues it finds. For premium users, this tool will also detect plagiarism and show you the matching text in your work.

7. Gregory’s Writing Site

This website gives you an opportunity to do a quick, free, and effective punctuation check of your essay. This is a very useful feature because not all online free grammar check tools allow for correcting punctuation mistakes. Also, it can process a document of up to 10,000 words—a very large volume that cannot be checked by most other tools, even those that you pay for.

8. Language Tool

This is an instrument that will help you check spelling and grammar not only if you write in English, but also if you have text in French, German, Polish, and many other languages. It includes 29 languages in total, according to our count. And not only that: for most languages, it also includes a range of dialects to choose from. Apparently, this is one of the most global pieces of grammar check software you can find.

9. Sentence Checker

An online spelling and grammar correction software, this tool will also find mistakes in texts in a wide range of languages. You can use it to correct documents in 26 languages. A choice of different dialects for several languages is also available.

10. GrammarBase

Perhaps one of the best online grammar checkers, Grammar Base can and will help you find mistakes and faults in your writing, be it an essay, coursework, an article for a website, or just an email to your colleague. It checks your grammar, style, punctuation, and even contextual spelling. The tool also detects plagiarism. Using it for all your writing is very much advised.

11. OnlineCorrection.com

This free online grammar corrector can help you check your essay and find the mistakes present there. Even better: it can automatically correct these errors if you choose that option. The tool gives you a choice between five different dialects of English. If you are not a native English speaker or you moved to a different English-speaking country, this is very convenient.

12. Online-Spellcheck.com

Another marvelous tool to improve your text, Online-Spellcheck.com can do more than just automatically find mistakes in your essay. Once you are registered, it allows you to mark words correct that were mistakenly labeled as errors, for your future convenience. This free online grammar corrector can also edit papers in many languages and even identify the language of your text.

13. After the Deadline

A simple yet efficient free online grammar checker, this tool lets you edit your paper by finding and highlighting the mistakes it contains. This software underlines spelling mistakes, provides grammar suggestions, and even offers advice on how to improve your style of writing.

14. Proofread Bot

This app will let you more than just check your paper and find the mistakes in it. It will explain what was done wrong, showing you the grammar rules that were not followed. Of course, you can use this essay checker free of charge.

15. Spell Check Plus

Another wonderful tool to do a grammar check online, Spell Check Plus will highlight the mistakes and faults in your text. It will also give you detailed explanations of what might be wrong in your essay and offer you several ways to correct the mistake or improve your grammar. It also automatically scores your work.

16. Hemingway Editor

Named after a famous American novelist, Hemingway Editor gives you an opportunity to check your paper, and provides you with feedback on its style. Whether you are an experienced writer or a novice, it will help you improve your writing and avoid mistakes that were previously overlooked.

17. Reverso

This wonderful grammar check software lets you find and correct the mistakes and deficiencies that your paper might have. It can process texts both in English and in French. Apart from pointing out the errors in the text, Reverso also provides definitions of the words you might have written mistakenly, for you to make sure that everything is correct.

18. English Grammar Check

This tool will prove useful to anyone looking to fix their essay according to the complicated rules of English grammar. It will perform spelling and a punctuation check, as well as offer advice on how to improve your paper. Even if you are sure the grammar in your paper is perfect, you should still try it: the app can offer you advice on style as well.

19. Scribens

Another essay checker and corrector that you will find to be of use, Scribens will detect the mistakes in your paper and offer you synonyms to choose from to replace your repetitive words. It will also show you stats on your paper, such as the number of words, sentences and paragraphs. This is especially important for students because they often have strict requirements for word count.

20. Free Online Spell Check

One more useful grammar check app, Free Online Spell Check will reveal the mistakes and faults in your essay and let you correct them immediately. For each problem found in your text, the app will offer you several variants to choose from, and you will be able to select the best one. What is unique to this tool is that it has a button that allows you to post your just-checked text on Twitter. Undoubtedly, many users will find this function very helpful.

Try a few grammar checkers and choose the best for you

There you go. A list of 20 online grammar checkers that will assist you and spare you a lot of trouble finding mistakes! They will improve the grammar, style, and many other aspects of your writing. No matter how much experience you have (or do not have) in writing, these apps will do a good job of helping you:

  • For inexperienced writers, the benefit is clear: they will point out your mistakes and give you some tips on how to improve your document.
  • For experienced writers, however, there is also a benefit: no one has writing completely free of typos or the occasional easily overlooked errors!

So, do not hesitate to try one of these 20 grammar check tools. Or, better yet, try a few of them and choose one or several that increase your performance and productivity.

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Dziękujemy Jackowi za ten artykuł. Nam najbardziej przypadły do gustu oczywiście narzędzia, które wspierają język polski, czyli Language Tool i Sentence Checker. W zestawieniu na pierwszym miejscu znalazło się narzędzie Grammarly, o którym pisaliśmy jakiś czas temu.
Warto też wymienić Hemingway Editora, o którym nie tak dawno w swoim poście wspominał też Tom Johnson. To narzędzie nie tylko sprawdza pisownię, ale pomaga też prościej pisać poprzez oznaczanie w tekście ciężkich do zrozumienia zdań, strony biernej i niepotrzebnych słów. A które narzędzie wydaje się dla Was najbardziej odpowiednie? Czekamy na Wasze komentarze.

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