Kilka pytań do – część 13

Szczęśliwa trzynastka przypada w udziale Vrejowi z Kanady, którego poznaliśmy w trakcie MadWorld 2017.

How long have you been working as a Tech Writer?

About 11 years.

How did you become a Tech Writer?

I was working as a programmer in the mobile gaming industry before and realized it wasn’t for me. Also, that industry is pretty volatile in terms of job security. I heard about technical writing and thought that with my communication skills and engineering background, it would be a good fit.

Can you tell us something about the company you work for and your team?

The company I work for makes software and simulators for land and sea simulations. The physics simulation alone that I see on a day to day basis in our products never ceases to amaze me.

How is your and your team’s work organized?

I am the only writer on my team. After I work on a topic, I submit it to the subject matter expert (SME) for review. We work out any changes that need to be made before I commit the changes permanently to the help system.

What tools do you use and what do you think about them?

I use Madcap Flare to create my documentation and it’s great. Flare makes it very easy to construct and manage documentation projects of any size.

How do you get the information you need to create documentation?

I get my information by talking to SMEs. These SMEs provide me an outline from which I can start building my topics.

What documents do you deliver, in what form, in which language and how are they published?

The documentation I produce is HTML5 online help, delivered in an installable package or online.

Do you participate in any other activities besides documentation writing (e.g., creation of marketing materials)? If yes, what is it and what tools do you use?

No, just doc.

What are the biggest challenges at your work?

My biggest challenge is relating complicated information into an easily understandable and digestible format.

What do you like the most in being a Tech Writer?

I like the social aspect of it. Being a tech writer means talking to many people within your company to find information. It helps you get to know other people.

What is your advice for those who want to begin their adventure with writing documentation?

If you have no experience in the field, look for an entry level contract to get your foot in the door. That’s what I did, and years later, I’m still in the field. It’s a great profession.


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